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A Turtle Laying Eggs

Several years ago, my family and I found a female turtle laying eggs near a lake. My father took a video, and after that, I pretty much forgot about it. But now, that I’m older, I realize that we never figured out what species the turtle actually was – (We just assumed it was a red-eared slider, as it was one of the only turtles that the park had mentioned.)

We only managed to obtain a video of the backside of the turtle, as we did not want to interrupt or scare the turtle away by moving in front of it. It was harder to recognize as it was dusty, probably from climbing up to the shore and digging out a nest for the eggs. This video is only a snippet at the end of the whole ordeal, as we did not think to record it earlier. After finishing laying it’s eggs, it covered up the nests and wobbled back to the water.

(Don’t mind my brother’s voice in the background.)

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