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Windy April Days

Three friends filtered out of the subway, dressed much too thinly for the bitter February air. They fell for one guy that night, he fell for one girl.

And although the three were equally stunning, the guy, Dalton, had ignored all three of the girls, and instead, had fallen for another. He didn’t think that the girl, April, would pay any notice to him, and yet, she had.

As they chatted in a coffee shop, he couldn’t help notice the way her hair flowed perfectly down her back, the way her eyes sparkled when she laughed at his jokes, and the blush dancing on her cheeks as she gave him her number. He didn’t believe in love at first sight, but this girl had to be the exception. She was perfect.

~3 years later~

Hastily straightening his jacket collar, he waited patiently on a bench, ice-cream in hand. It had become a yearly tradition for him and his girlfriend April to sit at the location of their first date, and share an ice-cream cone with the same flavours that they had enjoyed several years ago. Vanilla rested upon a scoop of chocolate, as that is how it always is. Checking his watch, he waited for her, watching as the ice cream began to melt from the heat. He’s been here for a while.

Just then, she arrived. Eyes shining, hair perfectly done, she smiled, as she recognized the man that she had loved for the past three years waiting for her.

~8 years later~

April smiled as she looked down at her diamond ring, shining in its simplicity. Her smile grew wider as she thought of who gave it to her 6 years ago. She could still remember that day- it was a day that outshone all others. Today was their anniversary, and her husband had walked to the closest ice cream parlor, as a tradition they had kept for the yearly celebration. She was supposed to meet him there at lunch, as she had a meeting that morning.

April glanced up at the traffic light, and crossed the street as it turned green. She looked back down to her ring, and wondered if her husband had finished purchasing their ice cream yet.

Suddenly, an ear-splitting screech jerked her from her thoughts, and everything went black.


“It’s all my fault. I wasn’t there for her. I couldn’t save her,” Dalton thought in anguish. His eyes glazed over, the wind tearing at his clothes as his mind traced back to April, lying in her death bed. “If only I could get there in time“.

The monitor beside her bed quiets, the silence between the beeps growing longer. Her breathing grows shallow, eyes flickering feverishly beneath her eyelids. Through her hazy mind, she heard a thin and quiet voice start a conversation.

“Oh my god, he cares about her that much? So much that he wants to join her in the afterlife?” It didn’t take a mind reader to know who he is.

“That’s so dumb, he has us instead. Why would he kill himself?”

“Anguish, despair, hopelessness, I guess.” April stirs, struggling to rise. There was a sharp intake from someone.

“She’s alive? Isn’t she too far gone?”

She groggily opened her eyes, squeezing her eyes back shut as the hospital lights blinded her. Slowly, she opened her eyes again, blinking as they adjusted to the brightness. She struggled to sit up. The three girls that were talking, lunged at her, grabbing her arm.

“You have to stop him, he’s going to kill himself!” she shrieked. April nodded numbly. She braced herself on the wall, half stumbling half limping out of the room.

“He’s on the roof!” she heard a shriek behind her. She stumbled to the elevators, pushing the up button. She slumped against the wall, her injuries screaming in pain. She lets out a breath as she enters the elevator, hitting the button for the roof.

After an excruciating long wait, the doors open. She steps out, pushing open a large metal door. The wind roars in rushing fill the small room. She heads out to the roof, her eyes filling with tears as her husband turned around, standing on the edge of the roof. He stared at her in disbelief as she took another step forward, pausing in the doorway.



He stared at the doorway, where he had envisioned his wife seconds ago.

That’s what would have happened if she had survived, He thought.

Yet, here he stands alone on the ledge.

His grip on the ice cream cone began to tighten, the crumpling sound of the waffle cone cracking from his strong grasp. The snow colored scoop began to melt, as it splattered over the building, into the dark streets below. However, balancing gently on the brim on his fingers, was the melted, dripping remains of the chocolate ice cream.

The coldness bit at his fingers, but all he felt was the pain that overwhelmed his heart. Why was it, that the vanilla, so pure and beautiful, be the one that will be consumed by the darkness down below, whereas the chocolate remain up here in the light. The chocolate, so stained, still had the sunset to shine upon it.

It wasn’t fair. Life isn’t fair.

They were meant to be together forever. He promised her that.

And it was that moment, that he decided.

Using the last of his strength, he slowly closed his fist, watching as the ice cream seeped through his fingers and trickled down onto the streets below. As the last drop of chocolate ice cream left his hand, he smiled sadly.

Don’t worry April. I’m coming.

Thus, on a windy day in April, he jumped.

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