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Internet Surprises – Pony Creators

For all the my little pony lovers out there – this website is definitely for you!

So, I was doing what most people do in their free time nowadays – surfing the internet.

Out of pure curiosity, wondering how far the ‘brony fandom’ has went along by now, I searched up My Little Pony Creator.

And, out of the blue, popped out this website.

It was a deviantart post by an user called ‘generalzoi’.

When it loaded properly, there was a screen with the words ‘General Zoi’s Pony Creator.’

I pressed play, and all sorts of little adjustments showed up, allowing me to alter a dull red and purple pony. I played around a bit and:


A brand new OC! (Which means Original Character, for all the people that don’t know)

There are so many options for each pony, and it’s overall amazing.

(I wonder how long General Zoi took making this… Wait, I probably don’t want to know.)

Anyways, I recommend this website to all you people!

– Ketsueki

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